About us

India is a country with diversified culture, varied customs, many cusines and Sweets. Sharing sweets among one another signifies happiness, celebration and gives a sense of happiness and satisfaction to most of Indians.

The bases of these sweets vary among regions and they are famous with their peculiar regional tastes like Andhra Pootha rekulu, Agra ka peta, Bengali Rasagulla's, Tamilnadu Athirasam / Ariselu, Kakinada Khaja, Nellore Malai Khaja, etc,.

In fact even seeing or hearing these words can trigger our taste buds causing us to salivate now. Hence we present you the mouth watering sweets directly from their naive location to give an authentic taste for which they are famous.

We also bring you the most common traditional sweets like laddu, son papdi, etc., prepared with finest ingredients from the renowned brands to give a great taste.

JioSweet.com / SweetJio.com is presently one of the upcoming eCommerce websites in India offering authentic and geunine products.