Agra Dalmoth

Agra Dalmoth | Dal sev | 500gm
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This is cruncy, spicy, tangy amalgamation of gram flour, fried lentils, finest besan sev, muskmelon seeds, and dry fruits like cashews

History of Dalmoth

There’s one city in India that truly lives up to its reputation of being a haven for foodies, it’s none other than the land of Taj, Agra. One such delicacy is the irresistible dalmoth, a traditional namkeen that traces its roots to the lively streets of Agra. Dalmoth has evolved into an intrinsic part of Uttar Pradesh’s culinary landscape for over a century.


It was first made in the early 1900s in a relatively unknown town in Uttar Pradesh named Farrukhabad on the banks of the Ganges. As people started getting addicted to it’s tangy flavour, its popularity soared and dalmoth went on to become an eternal favorite of savoury snack-lovers.

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