Atreyapuram Dry fruit Pootharekulu coated with Sugar /Jaggery / Bellam

Atreyapuram dry fruit Putharekulu online coated with Sugar / Jaggery. Pack of 10 pieces ( ₹ 43 / peice) Andhra sweet ghee dry fruit putharekulu Bellam pootha rekulu Dry fruit Bellam pootha rekulu
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Pootharekulu comes in 4 different varients

1. Plain sugar 

2. Plain Jaggery

3. Sugar with dry fruits

4. Jaggery with dry fruits

 Pootharekulu made of dry fruits badam, cashew and pista. Made with special ghee and available either  sugar or Jaggery base.

The 100-year-old history of Pootharekulu is an unique in taste and the way it is made. 

The taste of Pootharekulu is just as amazing and lip-smacking as the way it is made.

The thin rice sheets melt in your mouth with the flavour of the fillings complimented with a slight satisfying smell of the pot and the smoke.

Every bite of Putharekulu is an experience itself.

Putharekulu were made with thin sheets of rice dough layered with ghee and this thin rice sheets were folded and filled with sugar / jaggery and dry fruits for the flavour and taste.


Pack of 10 pieces

approximately weights 400gms

Shipping : Mostly shipped on the same day

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Price₹ 429.00
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