Bombay Lakdi / Kalakala / Shakarpara / Shankarpali

Bombay Lakdi / Kalakala / Shakarpara / Shankarpali 500gms
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A variety sweet, popularly known as the Bombay Lakadi in the South is a must-try dessert variety made using the premium quality ingredients

Bombay Lakidi is also known as Maida Biscuits or Kalakala in the South. In North India, they are popular as Shakarpara / Shankarpali. 

The ingredients 

Prepared using Maida, Milk, Jaggery, Ghee and Cardamom Powder.

Close your eyes and feel the sweet melt 

A sweet lover would always have his way of enjoying the sweet. For some, it tastes magical when eaten as a Dessert after food, or sometimes, when the sweet craving comes across and you can feel the pureness of sweets and the way it melts in the mouth.

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