cashew nuts

Cashew Nuts 500 grms
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Dried Cashew nuts.

We offer Cashew nuts of 4 varients

1. Economy : Split cashew nuts that are very usefull in preparaing food items like kheer, Cakes, Laddus, Laddoo's, Biriyanis, Curry items, biscuits, etc

They are also ideal for bakery, restaurants, etc

2. Regular: Whole Cashew nuts  which can be used in preparing snack items like Masala Kaju, Pepper Kaju, salted kaju, etc.

They are also ideal for dressing / garnishing of food items

3. Premium: Whole Cashew nuts of medium size that are of premium quality which can be gifted

Note: The Quality of cashew nuts are same just they differ in size

Shipping : Mostly shipped on the same day