Nuvvula undalu 500 g

Nuvvula undalu/sesame balls 500 grms
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The sesame seeds/nuvvula undalu are rolled up with warm jaggery and rolled up into balls of candied goodness.

Sesame seeds are come in black and white colors, both kinds are really healthy.

Growing children must eat Sesame seeds with Palm Jaggery now and then.

  • Sesame 'laddus' are a must for all Cancer patients (Once or Twice a week).
  • Rich source of vitamin B, zinc, calcium, protein, omega 3 fatty acid etc.
  • Sesame seeds are really good for heart health
  • High calcium content makes it really good for bone health
  • It helps in reducing inflammation
  • Helps prevent diabetes
  • Sesame balls have been proved successful in curing anaemia
  • They hold anti-cancerous properties and reduce the cancer risk
  • Sesame seeds are really good for digestive system
  • Helps in reducing the bad cholesterol levels
  • Really good for hair and eyes
  • Sesame seeds have been proved helpful in dealing with anxiety.
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