Prawn / shrimp Pickle

Homemade prawn Pickle / prawn Achar / jheenge Achar / Shrimp Pickle
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  • Fresh prawns
  • No Preservatives
  • No Added colours
  • Home made Recepie
  • Premium quality ingredients usage
  • Tastes yummy with Rice, Roti, Parota, Idli, Chapathi, Dosa and Vada
  • Not stored or pre-packed pickle.
  • International Shipping
  • If found spoiled full refund of money
  • Style : Andhra style

Shell life :

8 Weeks without refrigeration (Ideal for hostels and bachelors)
4 Months when refregirated

Our prawn pickle is a feast.  The flavours of the marinated prawns with premium spices gives an irreristable aromatic with yummy that makes you crave for it.  Once tasted surely you love to have another bite.  You cant stop your tastebuds.

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