Rava Laddu | Rava ladoo

Rava Laddu | Suji ladoo 500gm
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Rava Laddu | Suji ladoo  is a famous South indian sweet .

made with rava | Semolina with ghee, sugar , nuts and risens

These are also known as suji laddu in other parts of India and commonly made during festivals and special occassions

These Raval laddu are delicious, aromatic and melt in the mouth with a crispy touch.

These are made with out sugar syrup and hence have a long shell life

We bring you mad with premium quality ingredients with out preservatives.

Storage instructions :

Store in an Air-tight container .

store at room temperature.

do not refregirate

A great traditional sweet gift to wish your loved ones

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Price₹ 250.00
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