Sarpavaram mamidi tandra or Mango jelly

Sarpavaram Mamidi Tandra / Mamidi Thandra / Mango Jelly /Aam papad / aamba sadhaa / Aamta / amawat /Maanga Thera / aamsotto /amba vadi 500 g (₹ 60 / 100 g)
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Sarpavaram is a junction in the city of Kakinada, Andhra Pradesh.

This mango jelly is very famous for its delicious and tasty when compared to other jelly products in the country.

Mango jelly is prepared from freshly about to ripe mangos.

it has a slightly crispy texture at the bottom and soft jelly on the top.

The feeling of having mango in the mouth can be felt when you bite this mall byte.

The product will be delivered from Sarpavaram, Kakinada.


Weight : 1/2Kg or 500Gms


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