Tapeswaram Madatha Kaja

Tapeswaram Madatha Khaja 500 g / Rajamundry kaja
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Origin of Tapeswaram Madatha Khaja:
  • Tapeswaram is a village in  East godavari district of Andhra Pradesh and it is the origin for its renowned sweet  Madatha Khaja.
  • Madatha means fold in Telugu and Khaja means deep fried pastry and soaked in sugar syrup.
About Sweet:
  • This sweet is soft sweet twisted into layers.
  • This sweet is peculiar for its dry and flaky outside and when you bite you will find an enromous amount of sugar syrup hidden in each layer 
  • The Taste makes you WOW and remaind you all the time.


Weight: 1/2 Kg or 500gm

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