Til ke Laddu | Sesame Laddu - 500 g

Til ke Laddu / Nuvvula undalu/sesame Laddu | काले तिल गुड़ के लड्डू | तिल गुड़ के लड्डू - 500 g
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Til ke laddu / Nuvvu lundalu / Sesame Laddu are made from finest premium ingredients giving you the best nutritions of Sesame seeds 

We offer Laddu's which are soffter as a boondi laddu and also in chikki style where sesame seeds and jaggery mixed to form a chikki.

Sesame seeds comes in black and white colors, both kinds are really healthy.

Growing children must eat Sesame seeds with Palm Jaggery now and then.

  • Sesame 'laddus' are a must for all Cancer patients (Once or Twice a week).
  • Rich source of vitamin B, zinc, calcium, protein, omega 3 fatty acid etc.
  • Sesame seeds are really good for heart health
  • High calcium content makes it really good for bone health
  • It helps in reducing inflammation
  • Helps prevent diabetes
  • Sesame balls have been proved successful in curing anaemia
  • They hold anti-cancerous properties and reduce the cancer risk
  • Sesame seeds are really good for digestive system
  • Helps in reducing the bad cholesterol levels
  • Really good for hair and eyes
  • Sesame seeds have been proved helpful in dealing with anxiety.
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